Hi Norman,

I just wanted to write and say thank you.
The accordion arrived in one piece and is great. I’m very impressed with your efforts and advice, and will not hesitate to purchase via yourself or recommend you to others in the future.
All the very best and from my end I need to get practicing!
Barney from Kent


Hi Norman


From the extensive range of good deals on accordions to your constant care and attention, buying from you has been a pleasure. The Baille 12 bass piano I bought will serve as a great introduction to the instrument and I certainly know where to come for an upgrade in future! The delivery was as expected and very well packaged, arriving in the condition it left you.


Thank you very much indeed







Hi Norman, just a wee note to say how pleased I am with my purchase of the Roland accordion. Right from the start of the enquiry you kept me up to date and informed in respect of everything. Such excellent customer service is extremely rare these days. The accordion arrived on the day advised and was exactly as described. If I know of anyone looking to purchase a box I will be happy to point them in your direction.

Iain McAlister 





Hi. I´m Nataly, from Lima - Peru,

I just bought from accordion bay a beautiful black,120 bass Scandalli accordion. Mine was stolen and I couldnt find any similar accordion anywhere...except in accordion bay. Not only is the instrument in great condition, but it also sounds amazing! I would like to thank Norman a lot, not only for packing the accordion with so much care to make sure it got safe to Peru, but also for caring enough to keep in touch with me almost everyday until the instrument was in my hands and for helping me through with all the information requested once the accordion landed in Lima. And now i´m practicing and i´m loving it so much.

Thanks Norman.



Hi Norman


I contacted you to seek your advice about purchasing an accordion that would be suitable for me.


You asked relevant questions to ascertain what I was looking for.


You said that why don’t I (you) come out for a home visit, well I was flabbergasted.


You must be the only business in your kind of work to offer that availability.


You excelled my expectations by demoing four accordions for me to test.


I picked a Roland FR7 V accordion and you very happily talked me through some of the 40 accordion sets.


You also showed what a very, very, good accordionist you are by playing some tunes for me.


I would recommend you to anyone that wants or needs an accordion as you did not force any accordion on me, you let me decide.


If ever I need an other accordion I will not hesitate to use Accordion Bay again.


Thank you so much for your patience with a beginner accordionist.



Best regards








A big thank you to yourself for all the support and professional care when buying the Paramount accordion.

Clive from Dorset:









I George Pilakis live in Australia and I just want to thank Norman English from Accordion Bay for the excellent service I experienced. I bought an Accordion Stand and though we are so far from each other Norman helped me to get something which was impossible to get anywhere else in the world. The freight was excellent door to door and Norman followed every step to make sure I received it. That´s why I recommend to anyone anywhere to buy with confidence from Accordion Bay. Thank You George Pilakis. 14th February 2014.



Hi Norman

 I am absolutely delighted with the accordion I purchased from you a few weeks ago.  You were so helpful answering all my questions via e-mail /telephone,  followed by a prompt delivery to the Western Isles.

Thank you very much for a fantastic efficient service


A Stewart


"Lynette and I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. Your boundless enthusiasm for all things accordion is plain to see and I would certainly recommend you to anyone thinking of buying an instrument. Personal attention such as yours is very rare these days and we wish you every success.  The blue Beltrami is certainly a hit in this household!

Keep up the good work
David and Lynette Clare


"Having waited several weeks for the non-appearance of accordion straps from my local music shop, I emailed Accordion Bay asking for help.  Sure enough an immediate response with the stock number of the appropriate item.  Said item was immediately ordered and received the following morning.  Who could ask for more? " 

Best wishes

Jenny Hastings from York




 Thank you Norman for your fantastic service.

Not only were you incredibly helpful and knowledgeable over the phone, you also provide
this superb deal where you can hire an accordion before buying. It is a powerful offer for
any beginner and unlike any other in the UK.

I am now making great strides with the accordion and my tutor is impressed with the quality
of the instrument. He will be passing your details on to his other pupils.

What astonished me also was the speed of service. 
"I had a dream on Monday and by Thursday night  it was reality"

Katy Attwood from Manchester



 I am an accordion teacher in Manchester.  Last Monday (25th June) I was contacted by a new pupil asking if I would give her lessons and advise her on the correct accordion to buy. I gave her some info on accordion sizes and the names of 2 local shops.  A matter of minutes later she emailed back saying that she had found contact details of Accordion Bay and  that they do a hire scheme. I had not heard of anyone who hires accordions so I eagerly rang Norman there and then.  We had a very nice and informative chat for at least half an hour and by the end I felt that I had made a new friend (and important business contact as a bonus!)  To cut a long story short, her 72 Bass Stephanelli arrived on her door step yesterday  morning and she arrived on mine in the afternoon for her first lesson.  So in the space of three days she had gone from not really knowing how to go about starting accordion to being in possession of a nice new instrument and having her first lesson.  Now THAT is what I call progress!

Thank you, Norman for your professionalism and even more importantly for being a nice guy.  I am absolutely certain we will be in contact with each other many times in the future.

Tony Watterson from Manchester. www.manchestermusictuition.net





Dear Norman


Can I say a big thank you to you and your business for the superb support and

personal touch you have provided.

Kind regards,

Jonathan  from Morton Lincolnshire






Dear Norman
Just a note to say that it was a pleasure doing business with you. Not only did you deliver the
accordion personally, you gave me an impromptu demonstration and stayed chatting till you

were sure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

I would recommend anyone thinking of buying an accordion to speak to you first and if I ever

decide to trade up, I will definitely contact you.


Best wishes.



From Edinburgh







I have no hesitation in recommending Norman English if you are looking to purchase an accordion, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player. Having bought two accordions from Norman, a digital and later a traditional 72 bass I can assure you will receive a service rarely seen these days, he will always try to match the instrument to your needs, I would describe myself as a demanding customer ( I don´t how Norman would describe it ) but until you are happy -  Norman isn´t.


Brian, Morayshire  


Hi Norman - just to let you know that the accordion books arrived safely this morning. Many thanks for such speedy and efficient service. They will provide many hours of happy reading for my partner (at least this may make  a change from the scenario so aptly described on page 2 of volume one!!!)


Best wishes






Had been looking for a midi accordion for months and learned of Norman English through an advert in the Box and Fiddle magazine. Contacted Norman by phone and told him of my requirements. He contacted me in four days time with two or three sensible options. Through his knowledge and expertise I am now the proud owner of an excellent second hand 120 Bugari Championship Fisa complete with an RA 95 Expander and Roland Amplifier.

This guy really knows his stuff and provides a service you very seldom see nowadays. Nothing was any bother to him and I found his enthusiasm infectious. (and he can expertly play the box himself)
If anyone wishes to speak with me I can be contacted at ken.mackay3@btinternet.com"
Cheers Norman and all the best

Dear Norman let me begin by stating that I am absolutely delighted with the new accordion you recently supplied me and would also take the opportunity to thank you for the excellent service and attention to detail that you exhibited in sourcing the particular model of Excelsior accordion that I wished to acquire. It goes without saying that I wish you every success in your new venture "Accordion Bay" and am certain that  having spent so many years with Bruce Millers your experience and knowledge in the accordion retail market will continue to be of real benefit to accordionists at all levels in the future. 


Best Regards


Tom Graham                                      





Accordion Bay Accordion Hire.

This service is available for residents in the North East of Scotland

and will help learners to play an accordion at an affordable cost .

We have available 48 Bass and 72 Bass Piano Accordions for hire.

Costing £100.00 for three months hire plus a delivery charge of £15.00.

You can re-hire for a further 3 months if required and when it comes to the time that you may wish to 

purchase a Piano Accordion from Accordion Bay, we will give you a credit of your

first 3 months hire fee of £100 towards your purchase.

If you require any further information please contact us via our contact page.



Looking to record your music?


The following are links to recording studios in the North East.


ARC Recording Studio
Aden Country Park
Scotland UK AB42 5FQ



11-15 Ann Street Aberdeen AB25 3LH
Tel: 01224 647500






Global sales

Accordion Bay would like to bring the following information to your attention. It is only possible for us to offer the Accordion hire facility within the UK; however we are delighted to offer a global sales service.

Our experienced carriers, TNT, can safely transport instruments world wide on our behalf, for very competitive rates and with surprisingly short time scales. Should you be interested in purchasing an Accordion for dispatch out with UK please contact us by telephone or Email to discuss carriage costs.



Preparing a Piano Accordion for transporting


  • It is vital to suitably prepare an accordion for postage/delivery
  • By following these step by step instructions the instrument stands a better chance of arriving at the destination in good condition.
  • Ensure the bellows straps are snapped shut
  • Remove the shoulder straps from the instrument
  • Leave the base strap in position
  • Ensure the case is clean and contains no objects which might scratch the accordion
  • The right hand keys need no special attention
  • It is vital to secure the bass buttons to avoid costly repairs
  • Turning the accordion upside down, loosen the strap by spinning the adjustment wheel until one end of the strap is off the instrument
  • This is sufficient to gain entry to the bass plate
  • Undo the two or four screws, (or the two sliding locks depending on the make)
  • Remove the bass plate
  • Note the small channel that the end of the rod moves in and pack the area using a suitable material such as cardboard or polystyrene foam
  • Replace the bass plate and strap end
  • Wrap the accordion in suitable pliable paper, (newsprint or similar), and thin bubble wrap
  • Place the accordion in the case, (Bass side/feet at the hinged end of the case), secure with more packing if required. Place the shoulder straps on the keys
  • Important: include a note giving instructions to the recipient to ensure they can reverse the process
  • Using a suitably shaped packing box, stand the accordion case upright, surrounded by further packing materials to a depth of 1to 2 inches/5centimeters 
  • Label clearly at the top of the box and put directional arrows on to ensure shippers keep the instrument upright